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Customer reviews

"I LOVE THEMAINCO!! I bought a few products from you guys and loved every single one of them I got the sheep skin rug! !!!!"

Rachel S

"I discovered this store not long ago, and I must say, I will not be shopping at any other shop. themainco has everything I was looking. I ordered two pairs of shoes, a winter coat and a new bathroom set. Brilliant products and good customer service."

Sherry L

"Cool tech products and decor for the home office thanks a lot guys"

Anthony R

"Thank you so much shipping was quick"

Sarah A

"Customer service was quick to reply. No complaints with the products. Cheers"

Ben D

We are appreciative of you

We are thankful that you chose to shop at Themainco today.

We want to provide as good of service as we possibly can to ensure you are happy and satisfied with your shopping experience with us. Please do get in touch with us if you have any enquiries or for anything else

You can reach us on the following email address

Kind regards


Themainco team

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